Poster Exhibition
Bart De Baets
Sara De Bondt
Hermine Cooreman
Lennart Van Den Bossche
Amina Saadi
Maud Vervenne
Daphne Pannier
Audrey Quaranta
Never ask the artist to just present their work, ask them to co-create and co-organise the space.
Kunsthal Gent
Last one out turns of the lights.
Kunsthal Gent
We don’t own the building. We’re custodians to it.
Alex Misick, open source programme, CCA Glasgow
Don’t be obsessed with numbers.
Chris Fitzpatrick, curator
There should be no distinction between architecture and art… it all serves ‘space’ and it interacts with each other. Cities also work like that.
Olivier Goethals, artist, architect
The best systems have a failure or ‘a hole’ in them…
Prem Krishnamurthy
A building is a capricious thing: it is inhabited and changed, and its existence is a tale of constant and curious transformation.
Edward Hollis, The secret lives of buildings
Be pan-gender polyphonic.
East Side Projects / Gavin Wade
How can successive exhibitions coexist instead of eliminate each other?
Prem Krishnamurthy
Can you also remain a toddler institution?
Pallas Projects, Dublin
Kunsthal Gent creates a strong artistic and professional context to experiment with new ways of developing and presenting art.
Kunsthal Gent
Every art scene has the same problems.
The White Pube, London, Artist Run Multiverse Summit, ESP Birmingham, Nov. 2018
The artist presents a dilemma or question – we create a custom-made program with the artist and/or appoint a coach.
Stroom Den Haag
An exhibition is never finished.
Kunsthal Gent
That’s a very interesting piece, but how would it behave in a pizza joint?
Chris Fitzpatrick, curator